Monday, 6 September 2010

40 hours to go ...

I'm on Chapter 9 of my royal romcom ... only 9,996 words and 40 hours to go! Am lashed to my keyboard and only allowed away from computer to eat, go to the loo and feed Douglas, who is still enjoying his reprieve from the threat of homelessness. Sadly, there are all too many distractions right here at my desk, not least my newly-acquired addiction to Facebook and the fact that Mills & Boon's New Voices competition is now officially open.
 Meanwhile, there's still a lot of story to get into those 9,996 words. They're about to host a ball (spot the Cinderella motifs!) so I think I might reread some Mary Balogh with my sandwich. Mary writes wonderful Regency romances and there's nearly always a sexually charged scene where the hero and heroine waltz together. I don't think Philippe and Caro will be waltzing, but I'd like something of the same feel to the scene. I'm even wearing my new bling slingbacks to get me in the mood!

Now have succesfully wasted 30 minutes of those 40 hours taking a photo of shoes, transferring onto computer, compressing, cropping ... displacement activity rules!


  1. Those are fab shoes! But please get back to work--I love your stories!

  2. Well I think it was time well spent. Fabulous shoes! Your boss sounds like a slave driver though! Is there no sleeping? I hope you have lots and lots of coffee!

  3. They are fab, aren't they? I feel better about myself just putting them on. Whether they'll make it round to Sainsbury's or not is another matter ...

    I have calculated sleeping into my schedule, Lacey, don't you worry about that. And eating, of course. But Nancy, could you please come and stand with folded arms at my study door and glare if I lift my nose from my keyboard? I am so nearly there, this is not the time for me to get demob happy ...