Sunday, 2 January 2011

Getting a grip

Christmas 2010 ... walking in Narnia (aka Kippford)
  Happy New Year!  It’s Sunday evening, and I’m sitting here with a glass of wine (because clearly I have to finish the bottle before the new year’s healthy living regime can start) and contemplating the year ahead.  The holiday is over, and tomorrow it’s back to work.  I have all sorts of projects lined up for 2011, and am full of resolutions about managing my time, keeping my head down, putting work first and all sorts of other sensible activities.

After seeing in the new year with friends, the last champagne has been poured, the last indulgent meal enjoyed.  Now it’s ‘Get A Grip’ year for me … so naturally the first thing I did was to try and plan my holidays, around which all the serious work will have to be fitted.  Scotland and Minorca (or possibly Majorca) are pencilled in, and my best friend and I are going walking again.  Currently we’re dithering between the Dingle Way in the west of Ireland, and the Lycian Way along the coast of Turkey.  I know I should be drawing up a timetable and setting deadlines, but actually I keep flicking between websites and dreaming about summer and feeling a sea breeze in my face and the sun on my back.  Getting a grip is clearly going to have to wait until tomorrow, but then, really, honestly, absolutely, I am going to knuckle down.  I am, I am.  I am.

I have grand plans for this blog too, with less wittering and more advice on the writing front.  If one of your new year resolutions was to finish writing a romance, do come back on Thursday, when a copy of Kate Walker’s 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance will be up for grabs. 

And if you’re interested in writing fiction generally, why not think about joining me in Tuscany in September?  There are still places on From the slush pile to the shelves: Writing fiction that sells (Lesson One: get a grip).


  1. Jessica I'm hearing you about that last crate (oops I mean glass) of wine (or champagne as the case may be) - not to drink it would be a terrible waste and no way to start a new year.

    I know there's only one of me but I love (what you call) your wittering. I like hearing about your home and where you've been walking and your holidays etc. I suppose it does a little to remove that pedestal us wannabes sometimes put writers on. I'll be definitely back on Thursday but lucky me, I already won a copy of Kate's book and Tuscany........oh don't get me started thinking about Tuscany *sigh*.

  2. Thanks for your kind words about the wittering, Elissa - that makes me feel better! I also had a good laugh at the idea of being on a pedestal, especially after confidently sweeping into what I thought was a lay by on New Year's Day on the way home from the beach at Bridlington. Stopped the car, unscrewed the thermos, unwrapped the sandwiches, handed over the chocolate and proceeded to enjoy our picnic, blissfully unaware that we were right in the middle of a road. Very much afraid I'm going to turn into one of those dotty old ladies who drive the wrong way down motorways.

    So there's a lot of room on the pedestal - good luck with your writing ... fingers crossed you'll join us in 2011. Now you've got Kate's book, you're well on your way!

  3. I think it's always best to start the year with everything neatly tied up too even if it's as tough as getting through the wine :P

    I'm quite happy to take whichever holiday you decide not to go on and I promise to tell you all about it ;)

  4. We've settled on the Lycian Way, Lacey, so the Dingle Way is all yours for this year!

    So far, have failed humiliatingly on all new year resolutions, but trying again for disciplined approach today ...