Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Looking the stress beast in its cold, dark eyes

I’ve just been reading an article about writer’s stress by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom in February’s Romance Writers Report. ‘We start by telling ourselves we have time to get this book done, and then life gets in the way, as it always does.  We now are looking the stress beast in its cold, dark eyes.’  Ugh, lots of resonances there.  

As Linda points out, a lot of stress is self-imposed, and we choose to over-commit ourselves, and I am certainly guilty of that. In the middle of all the conflicting deadlines, I chose to have my downstairs redecorated, which any fool could have seen was going to cause trouble.  This is what my dining room looked like on Saturday.  I spent most of Sunday moving all the books back into the sitting room, and pulled a muscle in my neck in the process.  Infuriatingly, I can’t blame anyone but myself.  Anyway, the rooms downstairs are more or less in order now, so that’s something. 

I also managed a quick trip to London last week.  Again, not the best idea when deadlines are coming at you like freight trains, but it was a great break.  I finally got a picture of Oh-So-Sensible Secretary in London, too.  I’ve been meaning to take one in Trafalgar Square for ages, but either forget to take a book or run out of time, but here it is in front of the British Library (where I’m fairly sure it won’t be found!)  The library is wonderful inside, though, and not just because of the nice café either!

Much more exotic is this photo of The Blind-Date Proposal in Fiji!  Thank you, Nas, very much for sending this. I know the weather wasn’t perfect, but I can practically smell the warmth, and love that palm tree swaying in the hot wind …. A gusty sigh from a sunny but crisp York!


  1. The British Library is a copyright library meaning that they store a copy of everything published in the UK. So I'm pretty sure that they will indeed have Oh So Sensible Secretary along with all your other books. However, most of their books are not stored on site and all of them have to be ordered 24 hours in advance for use. So you probably can't walk in and find it on the shelf.

  2. It is there, I've just checked: classmark: H.2011/.5101.

  3. Well, there you go. I thought I'd read ages ago that the British Library had decided that they had run out of space and therefore wouldn't store any more Mills & Boon - but very glad to hear I was wrong. You never know. In 500 years time, someone might be fascinated to read the entire Jessica Hart collection ...

    Now will only refer to Oh-So as H.2011/.5101. - it's got a ring to it (although not as sparkly as yours, obviously, Isabel). Maybe M&B could save all the title agony and go for a similar system.

  4. Great pic of The Blind-Date Proposal in Fiji! I wouldn't have wanted to move all those books in your dining room either but the reader in me loves how many there are :-)

  5. Love the picture of your book in Fiji, Jessica. And how thrilling to be the author of H.2011/.5101

  6. Hi Jessica,

    The reader in me will just go completely crazy those books in your room!

    Lacey, you welcome to come and visit me anytime you wish.