Friday, 29 April 2011

Ordinary Girl in a Tiara goes to the Royal Wedding

Ordinary Girl in a Tiara gets in on the act
Well, I may not have been in the Mall, but have just had very happy morning ensconsed on a sofa and watching the Royal Wedding with a friend.  

We enjoyed all the pageantry, admired the horses, and spent a good deal of time sucking in our teeth at some of the frocks and asking each other unanswerable questions like ‘Who are those nuns?’, ‘Who’s that?’ and ‘Why did she think that fascinator would be a good idea?’  Am very, very unconvinced by fascinators generally, and today did nothing to change my mind.  Give me a stonking hat any day. Still, very much looking forward to a close analysis of Hello! next week on my way to Turkey.

But the bride was the star of the show, of course, and I thought she looked really pretty and happy, so she got full marks.  Loved the dress, and the bridesmaid’s dress was fab.  And the Abbey looked wonderful with those trees, too. 

Of course the bit I really wanted to see was behind the scenes, or the moment they step inside the doors at Buckingham Palace.  Hope someone was waiting with a glass of champagne! 

A peek behind the closed palace doors was the premise behind Ordinary Girl with a Tiara, which ends – of course – with a royal wedding.  I had a great time imagining what it would be like for Caro arriving back at the palace after the wedding and stepping out onto the balcony to wave to the crowds as a princess for the first time, but only Kate Middleton (as was) can know if I was right or not!


  1. Delighted to see that Prince William drove an Aston Martin down the Mall ... MY prince in Ordinary Girl in a Tiara also drives an Aston Martin. Am I prescient, or what??

  2. You're psychic! And that's a great picture of Ordinary Girl with a Tiara!

    I loved the wedding. I'm ready for another. I wonder if the Queen has plans to auction Harry off...?