Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Five phews, and a book to give away

Very big phew!  After a quick turnaround on some minor revisions, Book 58 is done and dusted, which means that I have met my five major deadlines by the end of April.  (To be truthful, I sent off the revised book on 1 May, but what’s twelve hours between friends?) 
I have to say that I am hugely relieved to have got this far as there was a time when I thought I would never get through it all.  Since January I have researched and written a 30,000 word history of the Merchant Adventurers in York, project edited a 60,000 word illustrated book (think herding cats!), taught an 8 week course, written book 58 (53,000 words) and written a short story (only 2,000 words but set in the 18th century, about which I know nothing).  That was based on a portrait at Harewood House and is part of a contemporary art project, of which more on my return.
Now I feel as if I’ve earned my holiday.  I am off on Thursday to walk part of the Lycian Way on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and I can’t wait!
Currently in scalded cat mode at the moment trying to tie up all the last little jobs before I go. Am also puzzling over the fact that although I go on more than my fair share of holidays, every time I do, it turns out that in spite of a wardrobe full of clothes I have nothing suitable to wear and I can’t for the life of me remember what I wore the last time I went away. 
In my next life I’m going to be the kind of girl that can wear jeans and a T shirt, and just run her fingers through her hair in the morning and look fabulous.  Sadly this is not the case in my current existence.  This is partly because I put on huge amounts of weight whenever I’m on a deadline.  Somehow it’s just too difficult to exercise, eat sensibly and write at the same time, but I am planning to be trim, taut and terrific after walking the Lycian Way, and as soon as I get home I’ll be starting a new regime (not that I’ve ever said that before!)
Anyway, I will be away for the next 12 days so nothing from me for a while.  In the meantime, I am sitting on an unexpected delivery of 20 copies of PARADISE NIGHTS, an anthology which contains BAREFOOT BRIDE, as well as BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by Australian author Anne Oliver  and TAKEN BY THE BAD BOY by another Aussie, the fabulous, three times RITA-nominated Kelly Hunter.  If you don’t know Kelly’s books, TAKEN BY THE BAD BOY is a great one to start with – and I guarantee you’ll be wanting to read all her others when you’ve finished.
Usually I only get 2 author copies, but since I’ve got a glut this time, I’m struggling to find homes for them.  If you’d like a copy, why not send me your address in an email to jessica@jessicahart.co.uk and I will do a lucky dip/send them all out when I get back from Turkey? 


  1. The Lycian Way passes through/above the little village I go to every year. Fab place. Have a good break, you certainly deserve it.

  2. Ooh have a fabulous time! Sounds like you had a very busy month and deserve a little break :) x

  3. Wow you have earned your holiday and then some! Have a wonderful time in Turkey! =)

  4. Congrats on finishing Book 58th! And five major deadlines? Wow!

  5. Hi Jessica!
    I stopped by in preparation for the article I'll be writing for my May 27th visit to your blog. Wow you're productive! I hope you enjoyed your vacation. And I'm always on the lookout for a free book if you have one you're looking to give away!