Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midsummer rambling

Midsummer day … I should have been out there dancing around in the dew at dawn, but instead dragged myself out of bed to do my obligatory 300 words and my Pilates exercises before starting the day properly.  Since then I have been scowling out of the window at the grey skies because this is NOT what I call a summer.  I know, I know, we shouldn’t complain when other parts of the world have had to deal with such catastrophic natural disasters, but really, would it kill the sun to come out?  We would all feel so much better.

How did it get to be June anyway? It feels like hardly any time since we were skidding around in the snow and ice.  It’s unnerving the way time goes faster as  you get older.  Any day now I’ll have to face the fact that I am middle-aged (some mistake, surely?)  I had a crisis the other day when it came to renewing my car insurance.  I’m not much of a bargainer, but even I raised my eyebrows when my renewal quote came through, and I did what all those adverts tell you to do and went on line to see if I could find a better deal.  This also made for an effective displacement activity (nearly as good as cleaning the filters on my vacuum cleaner - I did stop and wonder what I had been reduced to then!) 

The upshot of all this shopping around was a quote that was £200 cheaper, which was great.  The downside was that it was with Saga (a company that specialises in services for the elderly).  Was I grateful for my savings?  Did I rejoice at the knowledge that having passed 50 I was eligible for all sorts of good deals?  No, I had a full-blown strop about getting old, and went around claiming that I would be putting a blue rinse in my hair and wearing sensible shoes next (hold on, I already wear sturdy shoes, don’t I?) in spite of the fact that is a gross representation of all the fabulous, elegant women I know who are a generation older than me.  I wonder how old I’m going to have to be before I learn to react with moderation???

Well, there you go.  I sat down to update the blog, wondering what on earth I was going to say, but I appear to have written a page anyway. Mind you, it does remind me of one of my favourite cartoons, sent to me – rather pointedly, I felt – by my Chief Plotting Advisor.  As a blogger (albeit an erratic one) it always makes me laugh and wince at the same time.

Happy Midsummer, anyway, and may the sun be shining somewhere!


  1. I love that cartoon, Jessica. (If you add "at sparrows", that's my spaniel. Who is currently... asleep on the sofa, having abandoned me.)

  2. Lucky spaniel, Kate. Sounds like he has a great life: bark at sparrows, sleep on sofa, no blogging ... talk about a dog's life! I'd go for it.