Monday, 24 October 2011

From the sublime to the ridiculous

What a difference a week makes!  I am very glad I made the most of my elation at finishing my manuscript, because it took a nose dive the next day when I woke up from a general anaesthetic to find that I looked as if I were auditioning for a bit part in Hammer House of Horrors.  Somehow I’d expected a little yellow plaster over the skin graft, but it turned out to be rather more noticeable than that, as you can see.  It came complete with lumpy yellow packing, various other stitches so big they look like whiskers, and a charming slash at the base of my throat where they took the skin graft.  All in all I have been feeling very sorry for myself all week, and it was a while before I was even up to reading.

But I’m feeling – if not looking – much better now, so I’m starting to think about rereading my manuscript.  There’s no rush to get back to work, though, and as I’m not fit for public consumption until my stitches are out on Thursday, I am staying inside as much as possible. I have been taking the advice of the warm and wise authors on the Harlequin Romance authors loop, who have suggested restricting my activity to lying on the sofa and watching romantic comedies on DVDs.  They have even come up with a ‘recommended watching list’ of romcoms I haven’t yet seen, so I’ve had a splurge on Amazon and am looking forward to working my way through them.  It sort of counts as work, anyway, as I’m looking for inspiration for my next romance, and what could be better than a feel-good film? 

What’s your favourite romcom?  I’d love more ideas to keep me on that sofa, and will put any recommendations into a lucky dip for five more copies of Loving Our Heroes.  If you’d like to be entered, email your postal address to me at and I’ll do a draw at the weekend, by which time I hope I’ll be in a state to go to the post office!


  1. My Mum had surgery on her nose last year - same as you and you can't really see the scar now - she used bio oil when it was safe to start applying it. My fave rom coms are My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Wedding Singer - both a bit old but then so am I! I also love another oldie but goodie, Overboard with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I think a good romantic film is A walk to Remember
    or the Notebook (based on a book)

  3. Hope you get better soon!
    If you like animated movies, 'Tangled' is a fun, sweet movie that I can watch over n over :)

  4. Even though I find lots to criticise in it - I'm a sucker for LOVE, ACTUALLY - especially watching it at Christmas-time. Ditto: THE HOLIDAY - which is a pretty dire film, but I love it!

    Hope you feel better soon, Jessica - the healing properties of skin come a close second to the feel-good factor of your books! xx

  5. Little Women - and anything with Cary Grant, not fussy which one. Hope you feel better soon

  6. Rose Red, have you seen The Bishop's Wife? Grant as an angel. Perfect.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better, Jessica. Another week and you won't be able to believe the difference. Make the most of the downtime. I am also stocking up on romcoms I haven't seen.

  7. I recently watched a golden oldie An Affair to Remember and loved it.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Oh, thank you all so much for the good wishes, as well as all these recommendations. I am having a lovely time drawing up a list for a second run at Amazon ... there has to be the makings of a project (and a story?) in here!

    Nell, good to hear about your mum. Overboard is one of my all-time favourites too. But who knows what new favourites I'll have when I've completed my romcomfest?

  9. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. General anaesthetics are the pits, so putting your feet up and watching rom coms sounds like the perfect remedy.

    My personal favourites are Pillow Talk, When Harry Met Sally, Hitch (Will Smith - yum!) and Legally Blonde (being a blonde myself, that one strikes a real chord).

    Actually, I found reading Loving Our Heroes helped me through a pretty grim week. I really enjoyed Last-Minute Proposal. I'm smiling now, just thinking of it!

  10. So sorry to hear you've had a grim week, Tora. Being able to escape into a different world through a good book is the best thing when you're feeling low so I'm very glad Loving Our Heroes has worked for you. Hope things get better soon. I've never heard of Pillow Talk or Hitch, so am adding them to my list!

  11. Hope you get well soon. I cry a lot even at repeats of A Walk to Remember and The Notebook. So better watch some funnier ones. Valentines Day, which has Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Garner is a good one.

  12. Ouch that looks so painful, Jessica! I'm glad it's starting to settle down for you now. Take care of yourself!

    'Loving Our Heroes' just arrived in the post and I can't wait to put my feet up and enjoy. Thanks again for your generous giveaway.
    Glad your hospital visit is over and ooh, it does look painful.
    Margie Stewart
    New Zealand