Friday, 4 November 2011

Men in uniform

There’s something about a man in uniform … How many women of my generation can think about Richard Gere sweeping Debra Winger off her feet in An Officer and a Gentleman without a sigh?  I have a real weakness for Kevin Costner in No Way Out, too. Tom Cruise in Top Gun … not so much (too much smile, I think), although all those planes screaming around the skies were unaccountably sexy.  Oh, and I liked the beach volleyball scene too, now I come to think of it.  Hhhmnn, I think I can feel a DVD coming on ...

I’ve often wondered how they keep those naval uniforms quite so pristine and white.  You’d think they’d be so impractical.  But the combination of a super fit body and the competence that all members of the Services seem to bristle with is irresistible. 

I’ve been thinking about men in uniform recently, and not just because Remembrance Day is approaching. Last-Minute Proposal has been re-released in a volume called Loving Our Heroes, and for every book sold, a £1 donation will go to Help For Heroes which provides practical, direct support for members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in recent and current conflicts, and whose bravery puts my nose into humbling perspective.

Loving  Our Heroes also includes stories by Australian RuBY award-winner Amy Andrews, and India Grey’s Mistress Hired for the Billionaire’s Pleasure, which won the UK’s coveted Romance Prize in 2009.  Last-Minute Proposal was a RITA finalist in 2009, so this is a great line up of books from three different series in one volume. 

All the stories feature fictional heroes with a Forces background, but the real heroes are those who put their lives on the line for us every day, so why not have yourself terrific read and contribute to a really great cause at the same time?

One last copy of Loving Our Heroes to give away for free before I make a donation to make sure Help For Heroes don’t miss out.  Do you have a favourite man in uniform, real or fictional? 

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  1. What is it about Man In Uniform that makes our heart beat that much faster? I love the military uniformed man. Sometimes watching movies, I would feel like saluting!

    But oh, yes, Princes Andrew and Edward in uniform, oh, so handsome!