Monday, 5 December 2011

Party time!

Not sure how we got to December when a minute ago it was January, but suddenly it’s almost Christmas.  Why not kick off the festive season by visiting Harlequin Romance authors at our newly re-launched website where we have Christmas recipes and books galore to give away.

I hate the word ‘supportive’ – always feel as if I should say it in a dreary voice with my mouth turned down – but it really is the best one to describe my fellow Harlequin Romance authors.  We are split into Cherish and RIVA authors in the UK, but we share an email loop, and a kinder and more generous group of women it would be hard to find. 

We’ve had a website for some time, but we felt it needed refreshing, and largely thanks to the indefatigable Donna Alward, we are now up and running.  We’ve been getting into the mood for Christmas by smacking our lips over each other’s recipes, and are all ready to parcel up our books to send off to winning readers.  

All you need to do is to visit the Harlequin Romance Authors' website and comment, and you’ll go into the draw for the author featured that day.   Lots of your favourite HR authors are there, so it’s a great chance to win some wonderful books to read over the holiday season. 

I’ll be there some time soon, too, with my recipe for Spiced Pears, which I make every Christmas to serve with gammon and a potato gratin.  It’s great if you have lots of people round and want to get everything done in advance, and the pears add a festive touch. 

When it's my turn, I’ll be offering a copy of Under The Boss’s Mistletoe, largely because it’s got a Christmassy cover (one of the few covers I’ve actually liked!) but because I’m in the mood for giving, I’ll also send a copy of We’ll Always Have Paris to whoever wins that day for a sneak preview.  

I’m not sure when I’ll be up, but there are recipes and books up for grabs every day, so pop over and see who’s around, and sooner or later you’ll find me there … 


  1. Hi Jessica,

    I love your books. But unfortunately we don't get it here in my country. Now I'm going over to the Harlequin Romance website for a chance.


  2. Thanks, Jessica, I'll pop over. The spiced pears recipe sounds yummy. I've been making Christmas sweet things for little presents.

    Hey romance reader, I'm not sure where you live, but if you order Jessica's books from they will post the orders to most places in the world for FREE.

  3. Thanks for the tip, Anne ... but maybe you'll be lucky, Romance Reader. There are certainly lots of chances to win on the website so fingers crossed for you!

    If you've got a sweet tooth, there are lots of good recipes for treats on the website too. I'm more of a savoury person, so Anne, if you're ever in the mood to make chutneys ... x