Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What a difference a weekend makes

Fabulous weekend with the Chief Plotting Advisor: eating, drinking, shopping, walking, plotting, detoxing wardrobe … We both agreed that we couldn’t afford to spend any money, went into town to buy some eye drops for CPA, and came home several hours later laden with carrier bags.  Let’s hear it for retail therapy.  

All that, and George Clooney too!  Not in person, sadly, but on screen in The Descendants, which I thought was pretty good, although I am by inclination more of romcom girl.  But it was wonderfully unsentimental and very well acted.  I laughed at some bits, and cried at another, and was absorbed throughout.  I have a very low boredom threshold, and it takes a lot to hold my attention, so George definitely gets my Oscar nomination.

Oh, and as if that wasn’t a good enough time, we booked a holiday. The Dingle Way, here we come!  Had to endure the torture of booking a flight with Ryanair online (aaaarrrgghh) but apparently there is no other sensible way to get to Kerry.  Anyway, it’s done, and we’re going to Ireland at the end of May so fingers firmly crossed now for some decent weather.  We’re going to walk the whole Way, all 112 miles of it, and it does look beautiful … if only we can see it through the rain!

All in all, am feeling in a much better mood than when I blogged last week.  Douglas is still being silly about the cat flap, but I am standing firm.  As for Frith, I’ve decided to succumb and carry on with this draft in the first person, since she seems to want it so much.  Let her write this story if she’s so determined to.  This is my last job before I start work again, and I’m handing over to her, so we’ll see how she gets on …


  1. You're voluntarily going to walk 112 miles for a HOLIDAY?

    Great to hear you sounding much chirpier :o)

  2. It does sound mad when you put it like that, Aurelia ... but I love walking, especially when you've got nothing to do all day but get from A to B, and there's no phone and no computer and absolutely nothing you can do about your or anyone else's deadline. I'm not saying I love every minute of climbing a hill - or going down one, come to that - but that sense of achievement and physical tiredness when you get to the end of the day is wonderful. Of course, I'd be very happy if you made me lie on a beach for a week as well!

  3. Very envious of that walk. It should be spectacular. And walking is awfully good for writing...just ask Coleridge and Wordsworth. So you really will be working. Kind of :-)

  4. I'm envious of the walk ... in theory. In practice I'd probably rather watch it on television. I'm trying to work up the enthusiasm to book a holiday at the moment. Sitting beside an Italian lake with my Kindle in my hand is topping the list at the moment. The dh is looking at river cruises - we are similarly disinclined to exercise, as you can see - but I can't get excited about Germany.

  5. I don't know Germany at all, Liz, but Italy is always a good idea. Reading, water, sunlight ... yep, that does it for me.

    And Louise, I'll be thinking 'yeah, I'm just like Coleridge and Wordsworth' for the whole 112 miles. That should keep us amused!