Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bad connections

Screel from the Muckle

I have decamped to Scotland for a couple of weeks, but the internet connection is very ropey so had better keep this brief.  Sending a simple email is an exercise in acute frustration, as the screen keeps freezing, or is overlaid with the tool bar so that you can’t see what’s underneath, or sometimes the message disappears altogether until I am ready to take a hammer to my laptop. 

I am SO missing my lovely fast Mac.  Don’t even want to think what it’s going to be like uploading this to the blog, but will give it a go.  Just block your ears to the language.  Aaarrghh will be the least of it.


On the plus side, the whole process is so fraught, I am only checking my email twice a day which is very good for me.  Likewise, Facebook and Twitter are out, and in theory I have a lot more time to write.  I am here to keep my mother company while my father, coming up for 89 and almost totally deaf, has taken himself off on a cruise around the Black Sea.  So it’s a whole new routine, which involves a lot of little meals and a lot of dog walking.  No hardship when the dog is as sweet-natured as Roxy, and the walks are all through scenery like this.  The sun has even been shining ... so far! 


  1. Amazing scenery. No hardship there! Hope you enjoy the rest.

  2. Isn't Roxy gorgeous? I love her coloring and I'm very impressed that she poses for pictures. I hope you're having a fabulous time!

  3. Sweet dog. Make the most of the lack of internet. It always gives my writing a huge leap forward. Lesson there...

    Have a lovely time with your Mum.