Wednesday, 15 August 2012

All good things come to an end …

I spent last night drinking pink fizz with fellow York writers Jessica Thompson and Donna Douglas, and what a great evening we had.  I can’t remember the last time I had to be kicked out of a bar!

I don’t know if it’s the cava talking, or words of wisdom from Jessica and Donna, both of whom are much more clued up on the social media front, but I think it’s time to face some realities.  I am scrabbling to keep up with two blogs and two Facebook pages and not doing any of them properly. 

So it’s time for a new social media strategy (sounds impressive, doesn’t it?)  I think this blog has run its course, so I’m calling it a day here.  I’ll be keeping my Jessica Hart hat on for Facebook, where I have a lovely time posting photos and wittering on about my day, and I do hope you’ll come and find me there.  
And of course, news about new releases will be on my website,

I’ll be putting on a less frivolous hat for my Pamela Hartshorne blognewly moved from Wordpress to Blogger (don't get me started on what a business that was!)  My plan is to focus future blogs on my historical research rather than on my gold medals in procrastination and if you’re interested in history, I’d love to see you there too.  Come on over in September, when I’ll be back from my holiday and find snippets of background research, excerpts from Time’s Echo and a chance to win a signed copy. 

Until then, many thanks to those of you who have read and commented on this blog in the past.  It’s been wonderful to feel connected to you all and please keep in touch. 

Jessica Hart on Facebook: 
Jessica Hart website:
Pamela Hartshorne blog: 
Pamela Hartshorne website:
And finally, I’m on Twitter @PamHartshorne

Confused?  I know I am!

Oh, and finally, don't forget to look out for the RIVA relaunch in October, including a re-release of We'll Always Have Paris with a new cover. There'll be more about this on Facebook!  



  1. Social media does seem to suck up a lot of time, doesn't it :) It's always sad when something ends, but I'll see you over at your new Pamela Harshorne blog soon!

  2. Here's my wholly unsolicited advice: one website, with separate pages for the Pamela Hartshorne/Jessica Hart books. I think you can use the two brands to cross-promote. You already have a well-established audience as Jessica Hart. Many of those people will want to give your other books a try. People who come to you as Pamela Hartshorne will be intrigued to find that you already have a backlist. Give them a chance to do that.

  3. Also, sorry, since you have a website, why not just have your blog there instead of on WP or blogger? One blog, posting info about both lots of books.