Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dressing up, dressing down

I had a busy week last week, with two days in London and a wedding in Cambridge on Saturday, so I’ve rather lost momentum on my current WIP, but a wedding is best of reasons to get side-tracked, especially when it’s one of a dear friend. Listening to two people promise to love and comfort each other brings a lump to the throat every time.  The language of the marriage service is so beautiful too: All that I am, I give to you; All that I have, I share with you.’  No romance writer could do better than that!

The hat: couldn't see much, but handy in the rain
Not only was it a lovely service, but the setting was wonderful too.  The wedding itself was in the chapel of Jesus College, and we sat in candlelit choir stalls.  I marked the occasion with a big straw hat, and high heels.  The hat came in handy when it rained (although I had a couple of hair-raising moments when the brim drifted perilously close to the candle flame) but the heels were strictly for sitting and standing still in.  I swapped them for flat sandals to walk through Cambridge to the reception – not nearly such a good look – and took them off completely to dance, but for a few minutes while drinking champagne I felt like a grown up with proper shoes on.

The Secret Princess goes to a wedding 
Now it’s Monday morning, and I’m back in slippers, a baggy shirt and (oh the shame – but oh, the comfort!) of elasticated-waist trousers.  Every now and then I try to smarten up, but I’m so fussy about feeling comfortable when I write (when I do anything, in fact) that style is always the first thing to fall by the wayside.  And after a week of gallivanting, it’s time to get back to work.  I’ve done just over 100,000 words and am on the final stretch, so no more heels or hats for me now until it's done.  Do you have a favoured writing 'look'?


  1. there was one point last winter when i looked at myself and cringed (or cringed more than usual because I write comfy too). I was wearing thick over the knee stripey socks ( Purloined from my daughters drawer) Long cotton white gypsy skirt (hmm draw a veil over that), vest, long sleeved t shirt and 2 cardies.. oh and fingerless gloves! Well it was cold!

    ouch! the glamour of writing!

  2. Well i don't know about writing but when i'm reading i love to be dressed in something comfortable. Preferably in my PJ's because i love reading while im in bed. Although if the story is riveting, it wouldn't matter to me how i'm dressed or where i am, i would read away, even if i am in a crowed bus.

  3. I love that hat! I wish American weddings were more hat friendly. ;-)
    I tend to wear jeans and shirt while writing. If I wear pyjamas I start to feel sleepy! The only way I switch it up is T-shirt in the summer, sweatshirt or hoodie in the winter. However I do like to keep my feet bare while I write, yes even in the winter. My feet don't seem to be bothered by cold.

  4. Raven,wish there was a photo of you in your winter writing outfit - it sounds as if you have a definite style!

    I'm not a PJ person, although I can definitely see the appeal of slouching around in them. I'm like Jill, and have to get dressed before I can start work. I'm always barefoot at my desk, too, but I *AM* bothered by the cold and spend most of my time huddled over a blow heater even in summer!

  5. You look lovely, Jessica. I have to say that when I get home after a few days of being grown up, the first thing to go are the shoes, and then anything tight.

    Back in the days when I was a serious working secretary I used to wear hats to work. I had some sprightly berets, a big soft faux fur and an aubergine felt with a brim. I LOVE hats!

  6. You look WONDERFUL, Jessica!
    Was it a first (young) marriage - or a more mature one? I love wedding details....lots of inspiration.

  7. I love your hat! Very glamorous. I'm also really, really glad it didn't catch on fire. I love that The Secret Princess made it too :-)

    Happy writing!

  8. Love the sound of your hat collection, Liz, especially the faux fur hat. I try one on every winter, but just look like a teddy bear so always end up back in a cloche hat.

    Sharon, thank you! It was a first marriage for both (in 30s) and a very happy day.

    Me too on the hat/fire front, Lacey ... that really would have been attention seeking in the middle of the ceremony!