Monday, 8 August 2011

More books around the world ...

I’ve got some new photos to add to my collection of Books Around The World.  

First up, appropriately, is my very first book, A Sweeter Prejudice, which made it all the way to California.  
Here it is at the AT&T Park in San Francisco.

So did my 50th book, Last Minute Proposal, here at Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge.  Many thanks to Maria for both these pictures!

Meanwhile, the new Duchess of Cambridge may have been to Canada and the US, but my own “ordinary princess” has been travelling too.  Here she is in the beautiful gardens of the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi.  You can just see the waterfall in the background.  Thank you, Stella, for taking her with you!

And of course, Ordinary Girl in a Tiara made it to Turkey too, and is pictured here on the Lycian Way in Turkey, with Mount Olympus in the background. 

You can see the complete collection on my Facebook page.  Still lots of countries to go, so if you've got a Jessica Hart and an iconic view of where you are, I'd love to see it!


  1. Well done Jessica.
    My copy of The Secret Princess arrived on Friday. A big Thank You!

  2. I just love these pictures. So clever.

  3. Hope you enjoy Lotty's story, Kiru.

    And Lacey, thanks. Are you going to the conference in Melbourne? Say hello to everyone from me, if so. Wish I was going too!