Friday, 11 May 2012

Me and my tulips

Look at my poor parrot tulips.  They made a valiant attempt at being spectacular, and one bright morning I even found them holding their heads high, and they looked absolutely wonderful. I so wish I’d taken a photo then, but of course I never got round to it, and now they are beaten down by the rain and really look as if they have had enough.

Hands up who knows that feeling.  I know I do.  You do your very, very best and sometimes you even  get to feel as wonderful as tulips on a sunny morning.  But at others life can seem as relentless as the rain this May, and it all seems a bit too hard. 

I don’t know why I’m waxing maudlin today.  It’s not even as if I’m writing at the moment (am persevering with my Amazing Plotting Plan notes, though), my desk is super tidy, and I have a lovely holiday to look forward to.  I think I’m suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder – me and just about everybody else in the country, it seems.

Rain or no rain, this year feels like a plod, and as I’m an instant gratification person motivated by immediate results, I’m not good at the long haul.  (Hhmmnn, I wonder if this could explain my relationship history??)  I need to give myself some immediate deadlines to get the adrenalin racing again, I fear. I appear to operate in two modes only: fritter or frenzy. I am firmly in fritter mode at the moment and it doesn’t feel good, however much I might congratulate myself on my plotting notes. 

But I’m going away for the weekend, and they’re even talking about the sun reappearing for a while, so I’m bound to cheer up.  After I get home, I’ll have just under a week to finish the APP before heading to Ireland, and I have no doubt that come June, when time will be ticking away on my second timeslip deadline, I’ll be back in frenzy mode.  You can confidently expect a blog complaining about that come the summer!

Have a great weekend everyone, wherever you are, and whatever the weather.


  1. Stunning tulips, although they are a little weighed down. What a spectacular colour! They'd make me happy just looking at them. Like you, I'm looking forward to time away - 5 days in Western Australia. Can't wait. Hope you have a terrific time.

  2. Beautiful Tulips.....Hands up here.