Monday, 21 May 2012

New website!

It feels like a very long time since my friend Isabel designed the very first  The site has been through a couple of incarnations since then, but when I started to think about a website for Pamela Hartshorne (of which more later), I thought it was time for a major revamp of the Jessica Hart site too. 

After a LOT of to-ing and fro-ing and hmmn-ing and ha-ing, the new version is at last up and running and I am very pleased with how professional it looks. 

This time, though, I get to update it myself, a very laborious process that involves me doggedly following step-by-step instructions and makes me even more appreciative of Nikki of 2DC who has been looking after the website for me until now.  (Thanks, Nikki!)

Take a look and let me know what you think:   

Meanwhile, I am off to walk the Dingle Way first thing on Wednesday.  Nearly two weeks without phones or computers and nothing to do all day except eat breakfast and walk to the next place to stay along what looks like a beautiful coastline – bliss!  So nothing from me until after the Jubilee holiday in June.  Happy reading and writing until then!


  1. It's gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the Pamela Hartshorne one :)

  2. Thanks Lacey! I'm glad you like it. I did wonder at first if it might be a little TOO smart and come over as cold, but I do like how neat it is now. The Pamela Hartshorne one will be completely different in style. Still very much a work in progress, though. I'll be puffing that one off as soon as it goes live too!

  3. Great new look. It's very clean but still pretty with the pink font. Well done!

  4. It definitely doesn't come across as cold :) I like the clean, fresh style, and I can't wait to see how the Pamela Hartshorne site turns out!